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Phew_logo.jpgIt’s certainly been nice to spend the last few days watching men hit balls with bats;but enough about my private life, for the baseball season has finally started, and for the D-Backs it’s been a slighty unsettling first series. The good news is that Webb showed that his spring training numbers were meaningless and Haren pitched a decent game too. The bad news is that Lyon blew a save and given that Arizona seems determined to continue it’s policy of only being involved in one run games a solid closer is a necessity.Of course only an idiot would panic at this stage BUT I AM CALLING FOR FRONT OFFICE RESIGNATIONS IMMEDIATELY! Okay maybe not, but I suspect that Lyon will revert being an 8th inning pitcher before April is out.

The other bad news is that the team still can’t hit, and it specifically can’t hit in a run scoring situation. The conventional wisdom has been that this young team’s batting average will creep up this year, if it doesn’t we are in trouble.

But you can’t judge a team by it’s first three games in a cold and wet Cincinatti so let’s see how it goes in a cool and cloudy Denver.