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No Kudos Where No Kudos Is Due

In my constant attempt to become more like God (I already move in a mysterious way) having giveth I shall now taketh away.

Stalin_color555 In my last post I praised MLBlogs for providing a link on the MLB Home Page,so I was even more impressed that they later announced that there would be links to  blogs from the individual teams pages. Unfortunately these links are solely (so far) to official blogs. Thus D-Backs fans are offered the opportunity to peruse Daron Sutton’s blog (which he updates once every two weeks) rather than the, quite frankly, excellent array of D-Backs blogs from “unofficial” sources. I guess that it’s just possible that some unsuspecting person will click on my blog and decide to never watch another ball game for the rest of their lives, but I think it’s a chance worth taking. Let’s hope the folks at MLBlogs loosen their ties and relax a little.

Incidentally, although they continue to refer to blogs as “communities” please be aware that this blog is in no way a “community”. I prefer to think of it as a Stalinist dictatorship in which all dissidents will be ruthlessly crushed. Enjoy!!