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Wham, Bam, Thank You MLBAM

If, like me, you are delighted with the new MLBlogs set up you may be wondering if there is any way that you could send MLB Advanced Media (who run MLBlogs) some extra cash. I guess that you could argue that the DHL ads that have been running on all our sites is a kind of payment, but it’s never really enough is it?

So why would a multi-million dollar organization make something free? I have 3 scenarios;

1) MLBlogs was losing money so they made it free, cut staffing to the bone and run it as a loss leader.

2) The more bloggers that register the more they can charge for advertising. Free means more blogs which means more ad revenue.

3) Out if the goodness of their hearts.


Whichever one it is, using this site recently has been the equivalent of going from an i-pod back to a walkman,so from today this blog will be moving to here. It’s exciting because it’s got links, and picture of Slough!     

Dumb Britain

Planet.jpgGiven that today is an off day for the D-Backs I will use this opportunity to spread peace and understanding between nations. The folks at Red State, Blue State (which I believe is owned and run by the Chinese government) are fond of posting this clip of the current U.S. United Nation’s representative.

However the people of Britain are not without their own special views of the world, and here is a list of some of them. This doesn’t include my own personal favorite which is;

Q: Which ancient civilization built the first roads in Britain?

A: Was it the apes?

So close!



Hell’s Pitching


For anybody who didn’t see last night’s games against the Dodgers let me tell you that it was quickfire duel that lasted less than 90 minutes. For anybody who did see it, can you let me know if it’s over yet?

Fortunately I was able to distract myself with American Idol and watching Gordon Ramsay breach every employer/employee relationship law on the statutes.

Can I add that whilst we all wish Doug Davis the best in his upoming surgery,  yesterday’s TV coverage during the game was WAY over the top. I hate to seem like heartless ******* but there is nothing intrinsically courageous about having surgery for thyroid cancer, it’s a necessity. Any courage will come if the operation is not successful and luckily that is highly unlikely.

My suspicion is that Doug would agree with this, and to effectively compare him (as was done last night) with a youngster who had undergone leukemia treatment is borderline offensive. Hopefully we can now move on and look forward to Doug pitching again in a couple of months.

Art For Art’s Sake

bild.jpgYesterday found me working ith the acclaimed British Columbian artist Stan Douglas. I won’t go into the details but suffice to say that my likeness will shortly tower over the people of Vancouver Kim Jong-il style.

Whilst I was suffering for someone else’s art I was kept going by the prospect of watching the D-Back’s home opener on my arrival home, and I was indeed richly rewarded with a feast of home runs against the hated Dodgers.

What this also brought home to me is what a good deal we laid back West Coast folks get with regard to baseball. Whilst much is often made of East Coast teams getting all the media coverage what rarely seems to get mentioned is that fans on this side of the continent get a veritable feast of baseball. Today alone I can watch games from 10am right through to at least 10pm whilst those poor saps in the East have to wait until after lunch to see the games begin and stay up until after midnight to see them finish.

Advantage West Coast.


ps since these posts now seem to take an inordinately long time to be published by MLBlogs I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a Happy Christmas