Hell’s Pitching


For anybody who didn’t see last night’s games against the Dodgers let me tell you that it was quickfire duel that lasted less than 90 minutes. For anybody who did see it, can you let me know if it’s over yet?

Fortunately I was able to distract myself with American Idol and watching Gordon Ramsay breach every employer/employee relationship law on the statutes.

Can I add that whilst we all wish Doug Davis the best in his upoming surgery,  yesterday’s TV coverage during the game was WAY over the top. I hate to seem like heartless ******* but there is nothing intrinsically courageous about having surgery for thyroid cancer, it’s a necessity. Any courage will come if the operation is not successful and luckily that is highly unlikely.

My suspicion is that Doug would agree with this, and to effectively compare him (as was done last night) with a youngster who had undergone leukemia treatment is borderline offensive. Hopefully we can now move on and look forward to Doug pitching again in a couple of months.



  1. redstatebluestate

    Well put, Russell. I agree. You see, US AMERICANS are way into hyping up normal, necessary stuff in an attempt to get higher ratings. Just watch any soap opera (if you have time when you’re not watching FOX). US AMERICANS are also thirsty for anything emotional. Just wait until the Olympics…sappy story after sappy story for sure. The lead story going into AI this year was how a poor kid (David Archuleta) had ‘struggled’ in his career because of vocal paralysis. Yeah, right. He sang too much. He’s fine. Whoopdy doo. They made it sound like it was a life or death situation.


  2. mlb33333

    Jeff-you’re right, barely a baseball game seems to go by without somebody’s father,teacher,hamster having died, but I quite enjoy it from an outsider’s point of view. You’re asking a lot for me to break away from watching FOX bit I will try! BTW I hate Archuleta, but nowhere near as much as I hate Carly Smithson who (for some reason) I regard as the devil incarnate. I believe these views to be “fair and balanced”.

  3. redstatebluestate

    With Carly, it’s the vampire teeth. I feel your pain. Since my girl is out, I have two favorites: David Cook the Rocker or Syeesha’s chest. They need to start giving the chest its own 866 number; it will win hands down.

  4. mlb33333

    Ha! I like David Cook too, although I hated him this week. Syeesha’s chest, however, is beyond criticism.

  5. dhacks

    The Diamondback broadcast team, Todd Walsh in particular, was exploitive and embarrassing. Thankfully, I missed the reference to pediatric chemo.

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