The End Of The World Is Nigh

paula21.jpgIt must be, because yesterday the Diamondbacks were involved in a game that wasn’t close. This is traditionally seen as the first sign of the Apocalypse (the second sign is Paula Abdul forming a coherent sentence). But death and destruction is a small price to pay for a convincing win over division rivals.

Is it too early to be talking about Micah Owing’s as a Cy Young candidate? (that’s my submission for the MLB Homepage). He was certainly helped out yesterday by a Rockie’s team who were swinging at anything (Tulowitski struck out in the third before Owing’s had even got to the mound), but either way the hitters were patient and actually managed to drive in some runs, and if we win one of the next two then it will have been a decent road trip, if we win both it will have been a good one.

On the subject of the Rockies, yesterday they looked like a team who were burdened by the achievments of last year, and this can’t be improved by the fact that they are stringing out the presentations over the three game series (Pennant tonight, Championship rings on Sunday) if I were Clint Hurdle I would want this all over with and get my team concentrating on the here and now (not to mention that it’s a fantastic way to fire up the Arizona players).    

Still if it works for us then it’s all good.





  1. gamefish08

    I do not have permission to comment on your blog… but I’m going to anyway.

    a) I’m not sure the caution in your blog description is necessary, as the lack of a little blue star loudly declares everything we need to know.
    b) I thought of you at Dolphin Stadium last night when I glanced at the NL scoreboard and noticed the uncharacteristically lopsided score.

  2. mlb33333

    Michael-every now and then it’s nice to write about baseball 🙂

    Kelly- I believe that you can never be too cautious in matters such as these. I would hate a casual reader to think that I was an MLB approved professional such as this-

  3. redstatebluestate

    Hey, look Russell, I have PERMISSION to comment on your blog now! Wow, that’s a load off for sure. Why is your TAG CLOUD so quiet. Don’t you like LOUD TAG CLOUDS? I’m just glad you have one that is dedicated to William Shatner.


  4. mlb33333

    jeff-good to “here” that you can now comment. Personally I regard loud tag clouds as very American-I prefer mine to simply drizzle.

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