Tag Clouds Illusions

worker.jpgFor a critique of MLblogs tech support I suggest that you read Hook,Linedrive and Sinker but it’s important to remember that MLB as a whole regard technical glitches as a compulsory component of any new “rollout” as these poor saps who purchased MLB Mosaic are finding out (when I last purchased it I was convinced that it was sponsored by a company called “Buffering”).

But technical issues aside this exciting new blogosphere is still an awful long way away from what it should be. It’s great that a quote from a blog is on MLB’s main page, but it would be even greater if they changed it occasionally (I’m beginning to actually believe that the rest of the Met’s team will step up for the injured players), and it’s also great that a blog will be featured on the main MLBlogs page, and thankfully that blog today (and for the rest of eternity) is somebody called Alyssa Milano, and I look forward to reading this otherwise unheralded writer.

But I’m afraid that what we have here (and what we British are trained to spot from an early age) is a fully formed class system. The “Pro” bloggers get links from the front page (and even a poignantly pathetic little star at the top of their blog) the rest of us get nothing. Oh sure we can write in (cap in hand) asking that one of our little quotes please be put on the main site, but that’s all.

But you know what’s even worse? Most of us aren’t even at the bottom of this class structure because at least people have read us in the past and are aware of our existence, but if a newcomer were to start a magnificent blog today I would find it almost impossible to stumble across it short of accidentally typing the title of the blog into google.

Even all of this wouldn’t be so much of an issue if the “Pro” bloggers were any good, or committed to what they do, but of the ten players and broadcasters listed, only one has updated their blog since March 26th, and that’s fair enough, they are very busy right now, just don’t give them pride of place on the site (I have less sympathy for the two featured mascots who haven’t updated their blogs since the turn of the year).

I will of course struggle on as I have a solid core of what I imagine to be regular readers but I guess that I really don’t understand tag clouds at all. 



  1. jboogie

    Great post. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’ll be extremely tough for them to spread the love around with all the people that I’m sure will sign up to blog b/c it’s free. It’ll become very tough to stand out and to find good blogs. The network is bound to get cluttered with blogs that have a lot of inactivity.

    You hit the nail on the head with the class system. It’s been that way for a while. Hence, my new blog address below.



  2. mlb33333

    Thanks-there really needs to be a system whereby inactive blogs are removed from the site-but I won’t be holding my breath.

  3. rmutt4m

    Damn that was well said! MLBlogs has managed to forfeit the only advantage it ever had in being a small community. Their strategy should have been to grow the community into a egalitarian collection of well-established blogs through equitable promotion, but Mark and Jake chose to overpromote their pets and celebrities instead. It’s a damn shame.

    Michael Norton – Some Clubhouse

  4. dhacks

    Superb and timely post, reminding us that despite major technological snafus, the biggest barriers at MLBlogs are, and always have been, editorial and strategic.

    I have a solid core of what I imagine to be regular readers…

    Yes. That’s me on the far left.


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