Here Comes The Sun!

Sun I feel that ice is slowly melting. (or very quickly melting if it’s in Phoenix). Either way, what other sport in the world could make me want to set the alarm for 3 a.m. to watch a game between two teams that I don’t even follow.

I guess it’s because the game itself has become so redolent of the end of Winter that it evokes these kinds of feelings. What is even more incredible is that this first game of the season is gradually becoming an international affair, almost as though humanity were emerging from it’s collective slumber to the call of balls and strikes.

It was somehow fitting that the Olympic flame was lit on the same day as the season opener, because I think we all began to feel a little warmer.

Play ball!!


One comment

  1. dhacks

    Good lord. I actually found your site through this morass! I consider this pathetic message a small triumph of sorts.

    Plan on getting another comment sometime in May.


    Oh, and if you cant tell who this is (because of my groovy new “handle”, changed without permission by MLBlogs, no doubt for my convenience), this is Matt from a skeleton of a site that used to be called Diamondhacks.

    Trudge on, amigo

    ( Oh, I almost forgot. M.L.B. is Many Lovely Blessings.)

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