Kudos Where Kudos Is Due

605480_thumbs_up_with_clipping_path5b95d It is true to say that I have not been overly impressed by the way in which MLBlogs is run. However, one of my many suggestions has now been taken on board (I assume that this blog is read daily in the offices of MLB) and there is now a more conspicuous link to MLBlogs from the MLB Home Page. Admittedly the link is near the bottom of the page to the left, but the idea of a quote from a particular blog is a good one. I’m not expecting anything in the way of controversy from these quotes and you can rest assured that I will refuse to alter the content of my hard-hitting blog in a desperate attempt to secure this coveted position.

On an unrelated note; is it just me or does Bud Selig look even more handsome this year? 



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