A Cheap Holiday In Someone Else’s Misery

19891109_people_freed_from_communist_eas Matt, over at Diamondhacks, has recently complained about the standard of the player’s blogs coming out of the recent trip to China, arguing that they don’t really capture the excitement or history of the occasion. Needless to say I completely disagree with this view, and my convictions were strengthened when I happened to come across a long lost piece of journalism. It’s now a sadly forgotten fact that Heath Bell was one of the first newspaper reporters at the scene of the collapse of the Berlin Wall and below I reprint his Pulitzer Prize winning piece from that fateful day in 1989.

"Germany is really nice and the people have been great. Today I rode on the tram system, everybody seemed really excited. The trams are really nice. Yesterday I had a hot dog, but it wasn’t as nice as the hot dogs in America. I’ve tried lots of German food. I feel I really understand Germany now. It’s been really nice".

Great writing doesn’t age does it?



  1. Russell

    Incidentally-the correct heading for this should be “A Cheap Holiday In Other People’s Misery” which is the correct quote from the Sex pistols song “Holidays in the Sun”-I realise that this is not entirely relevant but, as always, factual accuracy is the by-word of this blog.

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