The Bud Selig Trophy

Trophy After nearly 30 minutes of thought I have come up with my template for a one game knockout competition for baseball (see previous post). This would include the thirty MLB teams plus 34 minor league teams (decided by the previous years standings).

A random draw would be made, with no seedings, meaning that the D-Backs could draw the Dodgers or the Las Vegas 51s (given America’s geography I will reluctantly agree to an East/West split in the draw).Games can be scheduled around the regular league season. It would only take 4 game days to bring the teams down to the final 4, the "semi-finals" and the final would then be played in the days currently reserved for the All Star game (which would go).

The advantages are these;

-a chance to see the big teams be humbled

-a chance to see the big teams in small parks

– teams with no chance of making the play offs could have something to play for

-minor league games take on more meaning as they are playing for the chance to play in next seasons competition

The disadvantages are these-


Now if I can just think of a title for the competition that the acting Commissioner will like…..

In other news I was shocked to find that Eric Weiner the author of a New York Times best selling book "The Geography of Bliss" (are any books not New York Times best sellers?) traveled the world looking at the happiness of the populations, and which city did he nominate as the unhappiest? Slough!!! He writes;

"Slough is a treasure trove of unhappiness, buried beneath a copious layer of gloom.The colors range from deeper to lighter shades of gray. The people seem Grey too and slightly disheveled."

I may have left the Sceptered Isle but this will not stand. I , for one, have never been "slightly" disheveled in my life. If I am disheveled I go the whole way and so do my former neighbors. 


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