Proposition Joe,Samantha Power and Kayode Odejayi

Propjoe Tonight is the last episode in the fifth and final series of the criminally under watched "The Wire". Without doubt it’s the finest TV series ever made and if you’ve never seen it I urge you to get the whole thing on DVD, there are no bad episodes but Series 4 is about as good as television will ever get.

Barack Obama has cited "The Wire" as his favorite show and his campaign hit the rails slightly this week with the resignation of adviser Samantha Power. I have mixed feelings abut this as Power wrote the rather brilliant book "A Problem From ****- America in the Age of Genocide" and I was looking forward to her advising on foreign policy,but I was also pleased that this gave me a chance to see the marvelous British political interviewer Jeremy Paxman again, here he is welcoming his editors attempt to get viewers to send in their own news items.

Obama started the campaign as the underdog an it’s been underdogs all the way in the British FA Cup this year (it’s soccer) culminating in Russian Billionaire owned Chelsea being beaten by lowly Barnsley;this is akin to a low level Triple A team knocking the Yankees out of the play-offs, and I often think that one thing missing from American sport is the opportunity for the mighty to be humbled by teams from a much lower strata of the game.

And finally, I hope that the reader will note the seamless manner in which I have linked three entirely disparate subjects.



  1. PAUL

    None other than Bill James has advocated the notion of letting lower level teams compete against big league teams; something of an expansion of the number of teams that are involved to an infinite number.
    On the subject of TV and your frequent target Alyssa Milano, I’ve been seeing ads for “Wisegirl” relatively often. James Caan is in it. “Sollozzo might not even be in the car, Sonny!”

  2. Russell

    I’d like to see some kind of competition that made the big teams play meaningful games in small parks against small teams,the atmosphere would be great-I’ll try to think of a scenario that works.
    I haven’t seen the trailers for “Wisegirl” but where did it all go wrong for James Caan?

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