550pxcensored_rubber_stamp_svg I’m sure that at some time or other everyone who writes on here as been the victim of the dreaded "asterisk machine" which permits some words to be published and makes others strictly verboten. Here then is a brief but useful list of what is allowed and what is not;

blow is ok-su*k is not.

retard is ok-mor*n is not.

screw is ok- f*** is not.

fascist is ok-n*zi is not.

racist is ok-h*nky is not.

male genitalia is ok-d*ck,c*ck,pric* and p*nis are not.

So remember, when making a comment it’s permissible to call someone a racist, a fascist and a retard, but not a n*zi,a pric*, or a m*ron.



  1. Matt

    I’m convinced there isnt any place in baseball for the term mor*n. The phrase “below average intelligence” also causes me great upset.

    There. I’ve said it.

    Now, could you please point my browser to the MLB.com home page. I’d like to purchase some merchandise.


  2. lung@fulbrightweb.org

    This is great and so mind-blowing. I wrote somewhere in one of my posts that in full Cardinal gear I yelled “Cub Su*k” in a crowded Wrigley field restroom and upon re-reading it days late noticed I’d fallen victim to the “asterisk machine”. I had no idea MLB did that so I was convinced some Cub fan had stolen my password and messed things up.

    Now I know better.

    Thank you kindly for the tutorial. I will definitely bookmark this for future reference.



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