Alyssa Of What You Fancy

Alyssa_milano I was going to write about how Roger Clemens has become a metaphor for George Bush’s America; with his belief that because he has done some good things he is incapable of doing wrong, and his almost pathological confidence in his own virtue.

However there are more important things afoot, with the re-arrival of Alyssa Milano to the MLBlogs community. Those of you who are new to the Blogosphere should know that Alyssa is the foremost  blogger on baseball (possibly in the world).

I urge you to visit her site for yourselves but here is just a taste of some of the issues that she raised;

She has a new puppy called Gibson.

She been promoting her "Touch" range of clothing at all of the major sporting events.

She has been promoting her new movie "Wisegal" and her slow to reach the theaters "Pathology".

She is learning to crochet.

She also has an interesting take on the possibility that there is a picture of Roger Clemens at that party, she opines that; "Wow. That’s some bad news for Clemens." (maybe if some other bloggers on this site came up with that kind of insight they too would feature prominently on the main page).

But it’s not just Alyssa who provides a wealth of knowledge about the game, her comments board is also the best that there is. Here’s a selection;

"I guess this info is too late, but…I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t buy puppies from pet stores because they are supplied by puppy mills. I know that sounds pretty generic but its just what I’ve heard" (yes, that information is too late).

"It’s great you saved a dog from the pet store! I believe everyone should save a dog." ( a differing point of view on the subject of puppy mills).

"Alyssa, she learnt how to crochet
She knitted and knotted really posh..hey
But as she grew older she got brassier and bolder
So she knitted the president a jumper…touche"
(It is believed that Barack Obama is already planning to use this in a speech).

"I can’t wait to see Wisegal and Pathology!!!! I’ve seen the trailers and they look SUPER – CALIFRAGILISTIC – EXPIALIDOCIOUS hahaha Hopefully me and my fellow British Alyssa fans won’t have to wait too long to see Pathology ‘cause we are all dying to see it." (Indeed we are).

"Hi Alyssa I have to admit most of what you said it way over my head." (????)

"What are your thoughts about the $350M recently committed by the President toward combating NTD’s in the underdeveloped world? It’s considerably short of the $1B necessary to solve the problem but a clear improvement over the trite $15M of the past." (I look forward to Alyssa’s answer).

"Just wanna say as a UK fan of MLB I think MLB.TV is awesome and your blog is quite unique never seen anything like this in Europe for the major sports over here. Thanks." (Once again a Brit makes a pertinent point)

As for going to the NHL All-Star Game, NBA All-Star Game and the Super Bowl, you were not cheating on Baseball. The analogy is that when your true love is away from home for a few months, you embrace and spend time with some old friends, awaiting the return of your true love. (Hmmm, that sounds an awful lot like cheating to me).

"When I found out you liked hockey too, I fell in love with you. If your looking to get married let me know." (Could this be the first MLBlogs wedding?).

Today’s song is this.



  1. SomeBallyard

    Well done! I read the **** thing myself. That Clemens quip, in my opinion, was the coup de grace. Such powerful insight…you won’t find anything like that, anywhere!

    Excuse me, I’ve got to go polish my toenails…

    Michael Norton – Some Clubhouse

  2. Matt

    “…know that Alyssa is the foremost blogger on baseball (possibly in the world).”

    There can be little doubt of this. She won a prestigious blog award, whose name escapes me at the moment.

    And she has a special way of making people happy. People with hair.

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