The Missing Link

Url One of the joys of MLBlogs is the ability to read other people’s views on various topics and to post your own comment on their blog. Naturally the reason we do this is to provide a link to our own site and thus ensure that people read what we have to say.That’s why I’m taking this opportunity to provide you with some handy phrases that will guarantee that the average reader will click on the link that you have so thoughtfully provided. Feel free to print this off and use it whenever necessary;

"Hey Alyssa! I’ve posted a new video of you on my blog! It’s in night vision!"

"Hey! My blog has got the photo of Roger Clemens at THAT party! And he’s dancing with Brian McNamee!"

"Hey Yankee’s fans! It’d be great to see your plucky little team give the Red Sox a run for their money this year!"

"Hey! My blog reveals why the Mets are forcing Johan Santana to convert to Judaism!"

"Hey! My blog has a photo of Derek Jeter f***ing a ho*se!! ( of course the actual picture of Derek Jeter finding a house to live in during Spring Training won’t be that exciting, but the asterisks will create interest).

"Hey Harold! I’ve posted a new video of you on my blog! It’s in night vision!"

You will see that the main lesson to be learned from this is to begin each comment with the word "Hey!" this conveys to the reader that you have something exciting to say. The trick then is to either anger,confuse, or give the impression that you are pedaling some distinctly dodgy video.

Today’s song is this.


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