I Like Fidel Castro And His Beard (Part 2)

Cari_castro These last few days have found me in Las Vegas (I am the lead choreographer for the Bellagio Fountains) so you can imagine that the talk of the town was the resignation of Fidel Castro this week.

Of course it’s way too early to tell which way the country will go from here but there have been many articles suggesting that this is a great opportunity for Major League Teams to start signing up all that Cuban talent they’ve been lusting after for so long.

The real opportunity however is for MLB to do some good (I know, I know) and expand the game at the same time. Cuba is a desperately poor country and any injection of cash would be welcome. There is an ideal opportunity for exhibition games to be played in Havana and also a similar set up that occurred with the Expo’s in San Juan (if only there were a team in Florida that didn’t great attendance figures).

Eventually a Major League franchise based in Cuba seems almost inevitable assuming that there is an opening up of trade and tourism ( obviously we people from the rest of the world have been traveling to Cuba for years without succumbing to a fervent desire for Communism) but it would be nice if MLB didn’t view this as solely a chance to syphon off all the best talent out of the country and came up with some ways to put something back. But as they say in Vegas "What are the odds?".

Todays song is this.



  1. Kelly

    I nominate the D-backs to serve as the first MLB team to “do some good,” and sign up for a lovely exhibition in Havana.

    Fish fans aren’t quite ready to embrace a Cuba series, having just dodged the San Juan bullet this week.


  2. SomeBallyard

    Got you a special deal at the Monte Carlo, did you? (For those not in the know, the Monte Carlo recently suffered some fire damage).

    I’m in absolute agreement on the expansion of MLB internationally. I hadn’t thought about Cuba, but that is a great idea.

    Michael Norton – Some Clubhouse


  3. Russell

    Kelly-I would never suggest the Marlins for a charitable role;I was thinking of the Rays.
    Michael-tried for the Monte Carlo but couldn’t get in (and the brew pub was closed!!!)

    Coral- everything can be linked to sport if you try hard enough.

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