Don’t Miss This Exciting Opportunity!

Dollars I am pleased to announce that since moving to Canada  "Arizona Via Slough"  has become the third most recognized brand name in the world (behind "Coca Cola" and "al- qaeda"). That’s why I’m offering you this unique opportunity to get on board and potentially earn millions of dollars (approximately one thousand euros).

The start of Spring Training is the ideal time to begin raking in the cash from your own MLB Blog, and no blog attracts a wealthier consumer base than "Arizona Via Slough". All you need to do is simply send me your credit card details and I will deduct the appropriate amount (it really is that easy!!). Within weeks you will receive all the information you need to create you own money spinning blog.

But that’s not all!!

You will also receive my very own, easy to follow,guide on how to consistently produce a blog in the tried and tested "Arizona Via Slough" tradition.Including tips such as these;

1) Always make a cursory reference to the D-Backs or baseball, this gives the reader the illusion that you have knowledge of the sport.

2) Make occasional references to popular culture such as TV shows, movies or music. This creates the impression that you have tapped into the zeitgeist.

3) Use words like "zeitgeist" even though you don’t know what they mean (remember most readers of these blogs are idiots and won’t be able to spot a word used out of context).

4) Make sarcastic comments about celebrities (especially celebrities who blog on MLB). This offer also comes with my patented cut and paste "How To Mock  Alyssa Milano" kit.   

5) Type the phrase "list of clever people"  into Google. Print it out and drop one of these names into every blog. This idea was first suggested by my reading of the works of Arthur Schopenhauer.

Don’t delay!! And don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!! Remember all I need is your credit card details.I will do the rest!! 

Today’s song is this.



  1. Russell

    Matt-congratulations! Your card has been charged to it’s maximum amount.The info pack should reach you sometime around the all star break.

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