The Weak Become Heroes

Syringe My first reaction during this whole steroid mess was to feel sympathy for the major league players who stayed clean. The ones who competed on an uneven playing field for all these years.

But of course the real tragedy is the players who never made it to the Majors, but maybe could have done if they had bent the rules in the same way as the "superstars" did. It would be nice to think that the players who stayed clean sleep well at night, but your family’s security is a **** of a thing to fore go for the sake of doing the right thing.

I assume that MLB and the players union will issue an apology to all these players for the money that they have lost.

Today’s song is this.


One comment

  1. Matt

    Good insight. I’ve been so focused on how PEDs have skewed competition within MLB rosters, I never really considered how clean kids have been crowded out of the show by geezers on drugs. In addition to family security, it’s not any run of the mill dream the kids are chasing either. Or at least it wasn’t.

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