Take My Wife-Please!!

Si_full Congratulations are due to Roger Clemens, who today bravely decided to denounce his wife in front of Congress. It has now become clear that Mrs Clemens had been using illegal substances with the help of a certain Brian McNamee. All of this happened  without Mr Clemens’ having any knowledge of these events! Well today he struck a blow for the little guy and put the record straight. Never again will the wives of top athletes feel safe in deceiving both their husbands and the general public in this shameful manner.

Kudos also to "Saint" Andy Pettite who rightfully received fulsome praise for his character and integrity from everybody present at today’s hearing.For those of you who don’t know the story, Mr Pettite took illegal performance enhancing drugs for years, then lied about it. He was subsequently forced to admit to his crime under penalty of going to prison. He truly is a role model for us all.

Finally a quick quiz question, Who said;

"If I am guilty of anything, it is being too nice."

A) Mahatma Ghandi

B) The Dalai Lama

C) Roger Clemens

Today’s song is this.


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