My Name is Russell, And I Approved This Message

Ist2_1868331_robber First of all let me say that the whole idea for this entry is taken from Kelly over at Hook, Line Drive and Sinker but I see MLBlogs as a community, and by "community"  I mean "people that I can steal from".

Anyway, Kelly’s main issue is that the pre-season promotion for the Marlin’s focuses more on off-field activities (concerts,cheerleaders,and free gifts) than the on-field activities (injuries,errors, and blown saves). Coincidentally the Vancouver Canadians chose a similar time to introduce their new GM Andrew Seymour. Here are some direct quotes from is profile;

"his background is all about F-U-N"

"Seymour has an eccentric and whacky style"

"Seymour has trotted out nights like Mike Tyson ear night where fans each got a plastic ear that had a bite taken out of it, and Bobble Butt night"

"Seymour has the unique ability to push the boundaries"

"fans will be taken on a wild and exciting ride"

I can think of nothing worse. I could point out that to be completely accurate it should be "Evander Holyfield ear night", or that one definition of "whacky" is mentally irregular, but suffice to say that whilst Seymour spells it F-U-N, I simply spell it F-U.

Today’s song is this.



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