She Looks Like Eva Marie Saint

Lloyd_wideweb__470x3200 Given that every hearing related to the Mitchell Report seems to be put back on a weekly basis (perhaps all the players are going to appear on some kind of "Super Tuesday"), and given that very little else of note is happening in MLB or with the D-Backs in particular, I normally wouldn’t write an entry. However, it’s coming up to midnight and the people in the apartment opposite have decided that this is the ideal time to unload a large truck load of heavy furniture, so sleep is not an option (fortunately it is raining heavily which should ruin most of their stuff).

This extra awake time has also given me a chance to trawl through the music I downloaded for my trip here to Vancouver, so I thought that I would let you know that my current tune of choice is this.

Although why Jodie wears a hat when it hasn’t rained for 6 days still remains a mystery.


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