He’s Not There

Jessica_simpson1alt_300_400 Given that it’s the Mets I predict that Santana will pitch 5 great games and then be forced to have season ending surgery (whilst maintaining the faint hope that he will be fit for any play offs).

More important is a detailed list of what I’m missing about England now that I’ve relocated to Canada. The main thing is the newspapers. Good Lord but the dailies here on the West Coast are  a dull bunch of wastepaper. How I miss my "Guardian" who’s comment pages provide more worthwhile reading than a weeks worth of what we get here. And don’t even get me started on the radio, it’s like listening to some elderly relatives talking about the state of the world,so here are just a few of the "Good Old BBC" podcasts that have kept me sane and I recommend;

In Our Time– a weekly discussion about ideas.

The News Quiz– a comedy panel show about the week’s news.

Mark Kermode’s Film Reviews– the best movie reviewer on the planet.

Start The Week– a weekly discussion about ideas.

On a final sporting note, I have decided to hitch my wagon to the "Vancouver Canucks" in the NHL and since doing so they have plummeted down the rankings, which leads to the worrying conclusion that I may be the Jessica Simpson of Hockey!


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