MLBLOGS: The Future

Futurehouse_disney This seems as good a time as any to launch what I hope will become my annual attempt to improve the whole MLBlogs experience for we,the consumers. My last effort concluded with the idea that anybody with the word "Slough" in the title of their blog be the recipient of a large cash payment, this has been ignored by the powers that be and I therefore repeat the request, and I can promise that if this single demand is met all that follows can be ignored.

In the meantime, whilst I check my online account, here are a few ways to make the whole thing a little bit better.

1) Better links to blogs from the Official team sites- I’m aware that some of us are idiots and don’t aways toe the party line when it comes to the Official MLB agenda of the day but, hey, these are supposed to be "unofficial opinions" and, quite frankly, anybody who reads my blog and thinks that this represents the Official D-Backs position on anything isn’t smart enough to earn enough money to go to a ball game, and can therefore be safely ignored by MLB.

2) Discussion encouraged- Nobody’s heart beats faster than mine when seeing Alyssa Milano prominently featured on the front page of MLBlogs. But just occasionally it might be a good idea if there was a good old fashioned debate about a controversial subject that was actively promoted by the site. Everybody here loves baseball so we’re not all going to turn into rabid Lacrosse fans at the first sign of criticism. The really healthy fan sites are the ones where everybody’s opinion is welcomed.We are all adults here (or have access to an adult’s credit card) so let’s have some Obama/Hillary style debate

3) Blog Entry of the Week- Each week MLBlogs nominate 4 entries for the rest of us to vote on which we like the best. I for one haven’t got the time to trawl through all of your pointless meanderings, so this would be a good way to introduce people to blogs they haven’t seen before. It may also cook up some controversy (see point 2 above).

If these 3 simple demands are not met then I will demand the overthrow of the regime, and the implementation of a worker led collective that brings an end to a thousand years of suffering at the hands of the ****** **********

I also suggest that the spell check on this site be configured to recognize "MLB" as a legitimate usage (unless it’s just being sarcastic?)



  1. Kelly

    Brilliant ideas, Russell. And may I add that it would be nice if the censorship could be brought into the present century. When I am not allowed to type the word “*****” into a blog, there is a problem. (is it just me, or is m-o-r-o-n five letters?)

  2. SomeBallyard

    I could write a book… 8)

    BTW, if you’re still writing in their ridiculous interface, you might want to take a look at Windows Live Writer, which is what I use (well, sort of, but that is a long story). It’s a free download from Mickeysoft. Just Google it for the download page.

    Michael Norton – Some Clubhouse

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