Live From Vancouver!

Vancouver_canadians_logo Yes, this blog has now officially relocated to Vancouver, the only place in the world with more rain than Slough (when I can remember how I did it I will put up a Vancouver weather forecast to go alongside Phoenix and Slough).The good point about this is that I will be the premier blogger covering the Vancouver Canadians (and what a long meeting it must have been in choosing that name) and once the season finally starts (in June!) I shall provide in depth coverage of all their games with stats,pitching reports and a full breakdown of how the action played out (either that or I will simply make a couple of sarcastic comments and leave it at that).

Of course whilst I have been away from the blogosphere there have been major developments and I guess that you all want to know my opinion on the big issue of the last month.

Was the Canadian "Deal or No Deal" any good?

Well I have to say that the format was disappointingly identical to the US version, and although Howie made a point about the Canadian models being better looking than the Americans (I disagree on this important point) I don’t think that the show in it’s current form has any longevity.I still favor the UK version, with the Italian my least favorite.

I am also happy to announce that this blog is now drug free.Admittedly in the past my stellar rise though the blogosphere has been fueled by hastily written notes from South American dentists,and certainly my level of performance has fallen greatly, but I can comfort myself with my multi-million dollar contract and denials issued by my team of highly paid lawyers.

I leave you now as I need to stock up on umbrellas (I find that 3 a day is sufficient here in "Beautiful British Columbia").



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