This Stove Is Hot!

Lconvection2 I’ve recently been breaking the Hollywood writer’s strike by working on a new series for NBC.It’s about a dentist who finds that his regular job gets in the way of his true passion; teaching the world about global warming.It premieres in December and it’s called "An Inconvenient Tooth".

As you are all aware this is "Hot Stove" time (the name refers to the now defunct practice of literally throwing unwanted players into a hot stove,thus killing them and reducing the team’s overall salary costs) and nowhere is the stove any hotter than in Arizona where the fans are abuzz with trade rumors such as, "Will Tony Clark agree a new contract with the D-Backs?" and "Will the D-Backs agree a new contract with Tony Clark?"

I’m calling for a special MLB rolling news channel to be set up to follow this story to it’s conclusion.Certainly here in England the contract discussions have led the main news for the last two weeks, and people have taken to hanging Tony Clark bobble head dolls by their front door until the final decision is made.

Will the excitement ever end?



  1. PAUL

    Maybe someone should seriously consider hiring Ruud Gullit to buy up expensive internationals without a constraining set or inconvenient rules to hinder him.

  2. Russell

    Paul-Ruud will be able to bring his “sexy football” to Los Angeles-and by “sexy football” he means “losing football”.

    Michael-I actually do have an A-Rod bobble head doll that I hang from my door.

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