There Are More Questions Than Answers

  • With Joe Girardi set to manage the Yankees, what do you think of the possibility of Joe Torre and Don Mattingly wearing Dodger Blue?
  • A-Rod or Mike Lowell?

Coaster_330 Two questions that many people who follow baseball are asking.But where to find the definitive answer to these questions? Can they be found on the MLBlogs site? Of course they can.Some novices may go here for an in depth look at the permutations,some may even go here for an alternative view.Wrong,wrong,wrong. For these are exactly the questions that my dear friend Alyssa Milano has aked her loyal readers to answer, and recent experience has shown that these are some of the most knowledgable fans in baseball,so here are just a few of the snippets of wisdom that you can casually pass off as your own (Alyssa accidentally mentioned that she was in Toronto filming something called "Wisegal" but for her readers it’s the nuts and bolts of what goes on in the diamond that matters);

Hi Sweet Angel, You don’t have to excuse yourself, because you’re a bizzy "WISEGAL" 😉
There has to be money on the bank for later!
Toronto is a beautiful city, possible a little colder than your average Californian temp. I like Mob Movies,
so I’m curious to your acting, think about as a messenger I’m watching you during filming from every angle, don’t be afraid you has proven to do this too!
I love you, kisses, and strenght for the movie.
Two questions for you pertaining to the Dodgers:
Joe Torre or Joe Girardi?A-Rod or Mike Lowell?
You know I know a lot, but for Baseball, and more 😉 I’m coming for you, so I ‘ll take a guess:
JOE GIRARDI, just because I like his name…
(Alyssa will be delighted to hear that this fan who "watches her from every angle during filming" is "coming for her" and the theory of making choices based on what names you like is tipped by many to overtake Sabremetrics as the predominant tool of many a front office next season).

Yeah you are very busy. I dont know about those baseball players, sorry, but I Hope you’re fine, wish you GOOD LUCK with WISEGAL! and TAKE CARE!
love you
P.S.: Post whenever you have time, love hearing from you. I would like to be able to answer the questions you’re asking. Im sorry I dont know about baseball (this message was signed P Gammoms).

I love how you are always busy and I hope it’s fun,
It’s another thing to be proud of when it’s done,
With regards to your 2 questions I gotta say,
That I think Joe is such a cool name!!
I love to watch the way Torre and Lowell play,
Your passion make me want to see another game
(another advocate of the "choosing people by their name" school,but contains harsh criticism of Joe Torre by suggesting that his management of the Yankees was merely "play").

Oh Toronto cool! I was there once…in the airport. From reading the plot of ‘Wisegal’ it sounds really good, interesting. Looking forward to it, I hope it is shown here.Glad you and your family are safe from the fires in CA (a sentiment that this blog echoes).

Oh I forgot to wish you a happy halloween. are you going to dress up this year? Your coustumes are always so creative. I am not being creative this year and going as a Banshee. (This poster is too self-critical a "banshee" is a reasonably creative choice).

Have a great Halloween sweetie; I will go as a witch…
Good luck with the movie.
(Now THAT shows a lack of creativity).

I was out of town yesterday as well… to a distant land known as Buena Park. I took a day off work and went to Knott’s Berry Farm for the first time. The coasters were cool and the place was a lot of fun. And the crowds were so thin that there were virtually no lines.You’re not far from an interesting coaster right in Toronto. The "Dragon Mountain" roller coaster at Canada’s Wonderland, holder of the world height record from 1983-1988, measures more than a mile long and occupies 30 acres of land. Originally the ride was to have many lavish special effects, though last I heard they were never completed. (Finally somebody has the courage to answer "the rollercoaster question" that MLB officials and the media have been avoiding).

I have a question for you. I stop fairly frequently at a donut store to get coffee on my way to work where there is this beautiful vietnamese woman and a man working there every day. I don’t know if they are a couple but it seems like they very well could be husband and wife. Is it wrong of me to notice her beauty every time I go in there; especially if she is working there with her husband or boyfriend? She is always friendly but he doesn’t seem as friendly. Secondly, should I stop going in there, if she is clearly together with the man she works with? (It’s a mystery why the man isn’t so friendly.I can think of no logical reason).

So there you have it.An end to any debate on the baseball questions of the day.



  1. PAUL

    I gave up casino betting, but a friendly wager would have me betting that WISEGAL goes straight to DVD, unless it’s one of those Lifetime (TV for women) movies. Or perhaps it’s something that’s actually worthwhile and requires a secure credit card payment of $2.95 for a three day preview and unedited pics.

  2. SomeBallyard

    Thanks, Russell, for your public service in reminding the public what is utterly loathsome to the baseball fan about the Milano blog.

    On the other side, how much interest do you think she would generate if she actually had a _movie_ blog?

    Probably about as much as her movies… 8)

    Michael Norton – Some Clubhouse

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