Bring on Spring Training

Clock Well, Game 3 went pretty much as I predicted (readers should be aware that I have in no way amended or re-edited my post of yesterday) and we look like having one of the least interesting post-seasons for a long time. Unless the Rockies do something remarkable it will only have been the Red Sox-Indians series that can in any way be described as "a classic" (and even that seemed to have an inevitable conclusion after Game 5).

The seemingly endless lay offs haven’t helped, and there certainly needs to be some thought put into a more flexible post-season schedule, but mostly it’s down to just one team in each series completely outplaying the other.

Personally I have the added problem that the USA seems to have delayed it’s daylight savings time to a week later than ours which means I have to try to work out if that means the game starts at 2.00am my time or midnight.I keep telling you that we British invented time so please try to get in step with us.


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