Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax

Tonight is Game 3 of the World Series (as always this blog brings you all the breaking sports news as it happens) and I’m taking the Red Sox to win the game 10-5 with Ellsbury going 4 for 5 and an attendance of 49,983.

Nfl In other news the NFL is coming to London tomorrow, and whilst I have no real interest in the game it has thrown up the slightly bizarre attitude that America has to sports betting, with all the gambling windows at Wembley Stadium (where the game is being played) closed down. Every sporting event in the UK has somewhere where spectators can place a bet, and it’s frankly laughable that NBA referees playing blackjack should even be a topic for discussion.

And finally, a Japanese woman has invented a skirt that turns into a vending machine in order to throw muggers off the scent, an idea that is eerily similar to my 2004 invention; a pair of socks that enable the user to disguise himself as The Rotterdam Symphony Orchestra.


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