This Sporting Life

Rwc2007 What a bad few days for me with regards to sport.Firstly,the Diamondbacks get swept in the NLCS,then the England soccer team lose to Russia virtually guaranteeing that they won’t make it to to the European Championships in 2008, and to make everything worse the England Rugby union team beat France in the semi-final of the World Cup meaning that they play South Africa in the final. I should explain that I hate Rugby Union and the people who play it and who follow it.It’s a typically complicated English class thing but essentially Rugby Union is played at southern Public (meaning Private) Schools. It broke away from the Northern "working class" aspect of the game because the Northern teams were doing too well and settled in as the favored sport of the rich and titled.

So we have a final on Saturday between England and South Africa which will probably feature 2 "non-white" participants (a typical Rugby Union crowd makes the Colorado Rockies look like an Al Sharpton rally) and all the idiots who follow it will be braying about how it’s a real sport.

Well, come the revolution they will be the first up against the wall.So if any Englishman approaches you in the next few days and even mentions the Rugby World Cup you have my permission to punch him full in the face (if it’s a woman simply throw her into the nearest harbor).


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