That’s It Then

There’s something quite dispiriting about being swept in a play off series.You Farewell_420_420x300 have the elation of getting there and then you are never happy again.Obviously when this happens to other teams I find it both hilarious and life affirming,but when it happens to the Diamondbacks it is yet more proof of the malevolent nature of the Universe as a whole.

On the positive side the team have vastly overachieved compared to the expectations of just about everybody,and we now have a group of young players who know what it takes to win, and are hopefully stung by the pain of loss.

All we can really do now is look forward to next year, and tip our hats to the Rockies and wish them nothing but pain and disaster in the upcoming World Series.



  1. Kellia

    Quick pain and disaster. I really don’t want to see a World Series game played in November!

    Do the British bookies have odds on the likelihood of a game being snowed out?


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