How Do You Make A Maltese Cross?

This past week has found me in St Julians on the small Mediterranean island of Cross Malta. The good news was that the hotel had a channel devoted to American sport, the weather was perfect, and the food and drink both plentiful and cheap.The bad news was that the Diamondbacks lost the first two games of the NLCS,the Maltese drive as though they have not quite grasped the concept of mortality, and the guy who presents the Italian version of "Deal Or No Deal" is the most annoying man on the planet (much of Italian television seems to consist of scantily clad women and clowns,so in this respect it is not dissimilar to my own life).

Is there hope for the Diamondbacks? Well, the law of averages has to catch up with the Rockies sooner or later, they can’t keep winning forever, and the D-Backs have been a streaky team all year and are capable of reeling off 4 wins in a row. I still think that Colorado will take the series 4-2, but what do I know?

Now, I’m off to try to find out the result of the Italian talent show which I think pitted a team of florists against a team of plumbers and a team of bank tellers.My money was on the florists but I suspect that the bank tellers may have taken it at the death.



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