With God On Their Side

Now that we know that the Colorado Rockies are essentially a religious cult, this Satan gives the Diamondbacks the perfect opportunity to unnerve them in the upcoming Championship Series.Here are just a few suggestions that should give Arizona the upper hand.

1)The D-Backs logo behind home plate to be replaced by a pentagram.

2)Each batter walks out to Black Sabbath’s "Nativity in Black".

3)The first pitch to be thrown out by Marilyn Manson.

4) "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" to be replaced by "Sympathy for the Devil".

5) The whole stadium to be draped in black.

6) Baxter the Bobcat to reveal that he has the number 666 etched into his fur.

7) Clips from "Rosemary’s Baby" to be played between innings.

Some may say that this amounts to a certain amount of gamesmanship, but I say that if they have God on their side,we need all the help we can get.

(To continue my own particular religion I am predicting a win for the Rockies in the upcoming series).



  1. cessnet@sbcglobal.net

    Satin is one strange fan to have, but i think you are right about Rox winning the series. Being the Darkhorse rox and the Dback snakes is my vote – it might go the whole distance, but then again it might also be a sweep, i suspect AZ will win one game only, the first one or the second one if denver wins thursday night,

    nobody can beat denver at coors canaveral in oct…

    three games will all be colorado victories mile high!

    mike in st louis

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