Friendly Confines

Reali_big It was all a little bit easier than I thought.Not real easy but easy enough.Amidst all the debate about Pinella yanking Zambrano, the simple truth is that the D-Backs outplayed the Cubs,not by much but by a little bit in each game and that was enough. Game 3 was always going to rest on whether Arizona could get a quick start and quieten the Wrigley crowd, and I guess that you can’t get much quicker than a home run on the first pitch.After that the Cubs looked like men who were afraid of failure and that is kryptonite to any athlete.Tomorrow I will outline my cunning plan to defeat the Rockies.

On a more disturbing note I have discovered that Tony Reali is talking to me directly through my television. As a post season treat to myself I have subscribed to NASN in addition to (for months I thought that a company called "buffering" were sponsoring and with NASN I get Baseball Tonight,PTI and Around The Horn.In the promo made especially for the Brits Tony Reali refers to a viewer as "Sleepless in Slough", now this is either one of two things;either the staff at ESPN read my blog to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world of MLB,or "Sleepless in Slough" is good alliteration;it could be either.

Strangely enough in her later years my Aunt Mary also used to think that the TV newsreaders were talking to her and she would insist that a blanket be placed over the TV lest they see her getting undressed.At the time I used to laugh in her face but I now ensure that I am never naked when Tony Reali is on television ( a situation that had occurred with increased regularity of late).


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