The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly

The Good-It really couldn’t have gone much better over the first two games.Good starting pitching,the bullpen doing their job, and even a few Bill_clinton hits.The job isn’t done yet so I won’t jinx it by noting how the medias emphasis still seems to be on what the Cubs are doing wrong rather than what the D-Backs are doing right.

The Bad-I hate to bring in a sour note at this happy time but I have constantly been reading MLB, and Bud Selig in particular, stating that this year’s play off schedule is designed to suit the fans and to be played at times that are easiest to watch on TV.So why then did the first two Diamondbacks-Cubs games start at 3 o’clock in the morning! It makes no sense! I sometimes wonder whether MLB is even aware of the Slough market at all.One small mercy is that the games have finished by 07.00 thus allowing me time to get to the pub before work.Some would argue that the real problem lies in the fact that the USA actually operates to a different time to Great Britain.Please remember that we British invented time, and it is therefore intolerable that liberties be taken with it’s accuracy.I demand the immediate resignation of the American "Keeper of the Clocks" (I’m assuming that there is such a position and that it’s not just the ramblings of my sleep deprived brain).

The Ugly- this is not really ugly but I find that the occasional pop culture reference will bring in the frustrated googler ("The Frustrated Googler" would actually be a good name for a band).Anyway, yesterday I happened to be in Central London and found myself within touching distance of Bill Clinton ( I believe that he used to run your country on behalf of the Queen) unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to ask his opinions on the Diamondback’s chances but it was interesting to see the way that he worked the crowd, and even more interesting to see an American politician getting a spontaneous round of applause from passers by.

Tomorrow I shall reveal all about my meeting with Henry Kissinger.


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