In Praise of The NL

I guess a good analogy would be to say that the AL is a Hollywood Blockbuster Nationalleague and the NL is a small independent movie.Sure, the Blockbuster has all the press coverage and the money and the stars but in the end we all know how it will finish.Likewise we all knew that the Red Sox,Yankees and Angels would make it to the post season (the Indians were a bit of a surprise but only in the way that the guy you think is dead comes back to life for one final attempt to kill the hero).

But the NL is unpredictable.You don’t know if the guy will get the girl or if he’ll be killed at war, or whether everybody will suddenly burst into song.There are no rules that have to be followed in the NL and that’s what makes it far more enjoyable.

Hopefully the final game of the NLCS will see both teams breaking into a well choreographed version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" whilst dressed as transvestite Nazis.


As I have not used my ruthlessly efficient "reverse curse" for a while I now feel confident enough to predict a win for the Cubs in the upcoming series. 


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