It’s Between Her and Me

It looks like the cat is out of the bag.Was it just a coincidence that both myself Alyssamilanopicture2 and Alyssa Milano were on vacation at the same time? Oh sure she may say in her blog that she’s been to Spain,but the British tabloids are already asking who that woman in the Dodger’s cap was that shared my £7 ($14) for 30 minute pedalo ride at Center Parcs? And who was that spouting incomprehensible new age garbage to me over the barely warm chicken ‘n’ ribs at Huck’s Diner? I, of course, am saying nothing, but it’s been apparent for some time that our verbal sparring on these sites has been replete with the kind of urbane wit and sexual tension not seen since they heyday of Grant and Hepburn.Stay tuned for what I am already calling "the most anticipated relationship of the last 500 years."


"I Love Lucy","Cheers","Frasier","Seinfeld" and "Arrested Development".Just when I was beginning to lose faith in the ability of America to produce another great sitcom I managed to catch "TBS Hot Corner" last night. This is a terrific send up of the kind of sports show that seems to proliferate at the moment.Even darling Alyssa has a cameo role, asking Trevor Hoffman how it feels to be a part of the history of her favorite game on the planet (joke: How does Alyssa Milano change a light bulb? She just holds it up and waits for the world to revolve around her.) But the real stars of the show are Heather Catlin and Matt Dagostino (not their real names) who manage to hilariously capture the amateurishness of these kinds of programs whilst also conveying that sense of terror that is just behind the eyes.Whether this show can keep up this level of comedy for a whole run is debatable, but for now there are only two words to describe TBS Hot Corner: comic genius.

* for legal reasons I have been asked to point out that at no time have I been involved in a relationship with Alyssa Milano, and that I am also aware that Miss Milano does not change her own light bulbs.



  1. Kelly

    Russell, it seems you may be poking fun at what I feel is some of the most relevant, in-depth and hard-hitting sports coverage in recent history. Hopefully I am just misinterpreting your tone.

    Furthermore, I have trouble believing that the fact he is an historic part of Alyssa Milano’s favorite game does NOT enter Trevor Hoffman’s mind before each and every pitch. His denial of the truth borders absurd.

    So, how many balls do you have to rub to get a job on TBS Hot Corner? It is, indeed, all in the wrist.


    I have noticed that for someone who despises Alyssa Milano, you seem to be unable to resist reading her blog.

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