I’m Back!

The world of MLBlogs can rest easy as I have now returned from a family holiday that can only be described as being akin to an episode of the Jerry Springer show (if the staff at Center Parcs had provided DNA testing and a lie detector test then the illusion would have been complete). To make matters worse my limited internet access implied that the Diamondbacks were intent on p**sing away their divisional lead against the lowly Jerryspringerpimpingmymom Pirates.However once I arrived back in what I now consider to be the sanctuary that is Slough, all was well with the world and thanks to a typically brilliant change of pitchers from Bob Melvin, the D-Backs are ensured of a place in the play offs.Who do we want? I don’t think it matters.There is nobody to fear and nobody we desperately want to face. My only concern is that whilst the melt down of the Mets has been hilarious to observe they will be so relieved to get into the post season that they may pick up their game again.

Whatever happens from now on in should be considered a bonus but being the sports fan that I am I will demand resignations all round if Arizona don’t at least make it to the World Series.

Good Lord it is good to be back.



  1. Kelly

    Thank God. This place has been a giant snooze festival in your absence. I’ve been forced to read blogs containing actual baseball stats and intense game coverage by people who cannot seem to find a speck of humor in any aspect of the game (am I the only one that considers the meltdown of the Mets hysterical?!). Please plan to blog at least thrice per day until I recover.


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