Nearly There

Centerparcs Everyday seems to inch the D-Backs a little bit closer to the play offs (although a giant leap to the play offs would actually be a preferable scenario) and as ever there seems to be no way of predicting the starting pitching.Micah Owing’s managed to pitch a shut out on the very day that I had mocked him as being unlikely to go more than two innings.I do sometimes wonder whether the Arizona franchise takes any notice of my blog at all.

There will be no entries from me until next week (as the bishop said to the actress) as I will be on what I believe you call "vacation". I will be in centre parcs (it’s like Camp X-Ray but with a water park,or maybe Camp X-Ray actually had a water park but that would probably have been used for water boarding rather than purely for entertainment purposes). Either way the only access to the internet I shall have will probably be at extortionate rates which will allow me enough time to check the D-Backs score before my credit card is declined.

I expect that for many of you this crucial time of the baseball season will lose much of it’s lustre without my insightful commentary,however I request that you at least try to make the best of it.

I will now go and prepare for the traditional British holiday by making sure that my suitcase is packed with waterproofs,umbrellas,beer and copious amounts of Class A drugs.



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