Everytime a Bell Rings….

Before the series against the Dodgers I wrote that if the Diamondbacks avoided a sweep that would be enough to pretty much guarantee post-season baseball.Well, they did avoid the sweep but October still looks anything but guaranteed.Of course I wasn’t counting on the Phillies sweeping the Mets (in which the Mets produced some of the ugliest baseball I’ve seen all season) and I was kind of hoping that the D-Backs would get the better of the Giants.They still Itsawonderfullifetitle might but it’s reliant on Micah Owings going deeper than two innings tonight.The stats still favor Arizona and given the way the season has gone they will probably clinch the play off place in the last game of the season in a one run game.

In other news we are currently experiencing a banking crisis here in the UK (you Americans are to blame apparently) with people queuing to withdraw their savings from certain banks. My proposal that I adopt a James Stewart type figure to persuade people to leave their money in their accounts was described as "the ramblings of an idiot" by my local bank manager. 

I’ve also noticed that each blog has a strap line at the top saying "Share your passion for baseball with people who are important to you".I’m not sure if this has always been there but I would like to assure you that none of you are important to me in any way whatsoever.



  1. Kelly

    Yes, that line has always been there, and I think they should change it. I can’t get a single person who is “important to me” to take time out of their busy schedule to read my Fish blog. Perhaps it should say: “Share your passion for baseball with people who don’t give a flying **** that you exist, but will at least take the time to glance occasionally at your pathetic blog, even if they are merely led there by accident whilst trying to learn how to bait a fishing hook.”


  2. Kellia


    There’s another Marlins blog called Deep Fried Fish that I quoted in a blog entry. I am sure that Eric Byrnes was a complete disappointment to people landing on my blog in search of fried fish recipes.

    (And to think the gov’t wanted records of people’s Internet queries to try to figure out who was a terrorist!)



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