The Battle of Los Angeles

A three game series coming up against the Dodgers that should let us know for certain whether the D-Backs are going to make it into the post season.Avoid a B00003cwxw_01__sclzzzzzzz_ sweep and it’s pretty much job done. The pitching match ups look fairly even,the Dodgers look anything but unbeatable and the Diamondbacks seem to have a lucky star hanging over them at the moment. But like any moderately sane sports fan I am convinced that complete disaster is only one day away and I won’t really be breathing easy until it’s a mathematical certainty.

I was going to begin handing out some seasonal awards to the players today but then I thought "No, these guys are on multi-million dollar contracts and I’m sat here in my alcohol soaked clothes desperately hoping that the electricity stays on for another 5 minutes so that I can finish this piece before I crawl beneath the newspapers that pass for a blanket in the forlorn hope that sleep provides some respite from this waking **** that I call a life". So I won’t be handing out any awards today.I will save the awards until I’m stuck for something to write about.So probably tomorrow.



  1. Russell

    Joseph-firstly that is the fastest comment I have ever had, so congratulations (almost as I published it).Secondly,I’m not a huge RATM fan but I don’t hate them with a passion.

  2. Kellia

    My interview with Byrnesie is linked in the Sept 14 blog entry, deep in the last third of a rather long article about the three game series with the Giants.


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