O Canada!

The people of Slough were in uproar today when it was announced that this blog would be relocating to Vancouver at the end of the year. A spokesman for AVS Canada said "Vancouver is good enough for Microsoft so it’s good enough for us.There is no way Bill Gate’s is going to make us look second rate." (It’s this kind of business acumen that has led to a 10th year of record losses). Meanwhile in Slough there were huge protests and the towns public buildings and airports remain closed until further notice.The Mayor of Slough said "Slough would not be Slough without this blog, it’s all we live for".

From a personal point of view I will benefit from being in the same time zone as the Diamondbacks and a short 3 hour flight away.I will also benefit from the weather in Vancouver which I believe is 350 days of sun a year with temperatures in the high 80s almost guaranteed. On the downside the natives seem to favor a game called "ice-hockey" in which I have little interest,but I’m confident that they will welcome my lectures on the delights of baseball and soccer (I find the people of the Colonies to be a simple but hospitable bunch who are only too pleased to learn the latest fashions from the mother country).

In the meantime this blog will continue to be produced in Slough until further notice and the management wish to deny any of the scurrilous rumors that suggest that it is being written by 5 year old orphans in Malaysia.

Selemat tinggal.



  1. samwise1313@hotmail.com

    Are you truly moving to Vancouver? I love your blog for its witty sarcasm, but sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’re being serious.

  2. Russell

    samwise-I have never used witty sarcasm.sarcasm yes but never witty.But yes (Canadian immigration willing) I will be in Vancouver at the end of the year.

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