O Gawd

As soon as I hit the save button on my last post (in which I declared that all was well in the Diamondback universe) Orlando Hudson was declared to be out for the season. Obviously I take full responsibility for his demise and this morning Cat punished myself with 20 lashes from a cat o’ nine tails (that’s 10 more than usual).

Clearly Hudson will be missed but I doubt that it will be a killer blow to the D-Backs post season hopes.One of the striking aspects of the season so far is that no one individual has got outstanding numbers, some are very good,some are good and some are okay, and in a strange way this provides the team with insurance against injuries, since we have no figure such as Pujols or A-Rod who’s loss would be devastating to their particular teams.In fact if losing a below .300 hitter is deemed to be crucial then you’re in big trouble anyway. If there is any loss to be felt it will be his leadership on the field, but Eric Byrnes came through big in that area last night and the run in is too short and too intense for the loss of Orlando to be any excuse as a decisive factor.

The big worry at the moment is the pitching. The discussion in recent days has been about who should be the fifth starter, but given Micah Owing’s recent outings the fourth starter spot can now be added to the debate, although Melvin should only have to use him 3 times in the remaining games,so again, not a decisive factor.

Now, back to the cat o’ nine tails.



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