The Ever Reliable Kim

My word that felt like a big win last night against the Cardinals.A win for Brandon,the bull-pen doing it’s job, and a save for Valverde.An insurance home Byung_3 run in the bottom of the eighth and a game ending double play.It all looked eerily reminiscent of a team that is good enough to make the post-season.The other results went our way as well.The Padres got hammered at the Rockies (in a game that Peavy could have been pitching in),the Dodgers gave up a lead to lose to the Giants and in the wild card pack the ever reliable Kim got a win against the Phillies. Incidentally I was a lone voice in calling for the Diamondbacks to keep Kim when everybody else was critical.I distinctly remember writing "Kim must be kept" or maybe it was "Kim must be killed"? I just know that it began with a K, which is ironic since none of his innings with the D-backs began with a K. Either way I bear him very little ill will.

It feels like the momentum is back with Arizona again after a distinctly edgy spell, and even a relentless pessimist like myself can at least dare to think about October baseball.



  1. Russell

    He was reliable with the D-Backs.We could rely on him to have an ERA of between 25 and 30.But he has done us proud since he left.

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