Who’s On First?

After 10 years of following baseball I think that I can hold my own with most American fans when discussing the sport and can recognize an idiot when I see one (they are usually sat next to me at the game).But one area that I can’t seem Base18 to get my head around is marking a scorecard.To me it’s just so much gibberish.Of course I know what a 5-4-3 double play is (it’s where one man throws the ball to another man who then throws it to another man) but once I start seeing backward Ks and the like my mind just blanks out.As an experiment,and as an exercise in self betterment, I kept a scorecard at a Giants D-Backs game earlier this year, and having just dragged it out of my suitcase I have to admit that it is a valuable souvenir of the game.Here are just a few of the notable happenings that I have recorded;

Chad Tracy hit into a double play in the bottom of the first.

Interestingly he also hit into a double play in the top of the third.

Barry Bonds flew out to left field in the bottom of the fourth, and was caught by the guy selling frozen margaritas.

Baxter the Bobcat committed 2 errors (his only errors of the year from what I can see).

Conor Jackson hit 13 home runs.

Ketchup won the hot dog race.

The Poore Brothers "pretend that you have the mental age of a 3 year-old" promotion was held in section 125. 

Livan Hernandez struck out 34 whilst recording his 4th loss of the season.

I have to admit that I am now a convert to this archaic practice, it really is like having a DVD of the game (but without the pictures,the sound or the accuracy).



  1. SomeBallyard

    Keeping score can open up a whole new perspective on the game. I don’t do it all the time, but whenever I lose focus on the game I keep score to rediscover the intricacies of the game. I’ve even toyed with writing software for a handheld for the purpose.

    Michael Norton – SomeBallyard


  2. Kellia

    “I’ve even toyed with writing software for a handheld for the purpose.”

    Bringing computers to a ballgame is not good. The ballpark is my place to get away from the box.


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