We Can Work It Out

When I got back from the cinema last night (I’d been to see "Bourne Under a Bad Sign" an hilarious comedy about an accident prone CIA Agent) the Diamondbacks were already destined to lose the opening game against the Padres. I’ve said all season that I didn’t think that the team had got what it takes to get to the post-Paulmccartneyposters season and that is looking like a pretty good prediction right now. But as Paul McCartney almost said "there is good and bad in everything" so I’ve made a list of things to feel good about at this stage of the Diamondback’s season;

1) They are 1 game off the Divisional lead-very few of us would have even contemplated this as a possibility at the start of the season.

2) They are 3 games ahead in the Wild Card race- see above.

3) They’ve got decent pitching- it hasn’t looked like it the last few days but it’s true.

4) They are a streaky team- all season they have followed bad spells with good spells, and at the moment this team is one good run of form away from getting to the play-offs. 

5) They are a young team-it’s probably working against them right now but the worst that can happen is that they gain valuable experience for the future.

6) The other teams in the race- they all have just as many flaws as the D-Backs.

I won’t go into the bad things such as not being convinced that Bob Melvin is the man to ultimately get the best out of this group of players, or that Augie Ojeda has looked like the best pitcher in recent games. It’s time to take a deep breath and hope that the momentum swing away from the D-Backs gets turned around as quickly as possible.



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