Reader’s Lives

When I got home from the cinema last night (I’d been to see "Bourne Again" the heart warming story of a CIA agent who finds religion) I decided to look through Trash the extensive set of e-mails that I receive everyday from people who read this blog.Here are just a selection of the many thousands;

B Selig writes- "Russell, I just wanted to thank you for all your great ideas. The wild card seems to be working out really well as does the unbalanced schedule.It’s just a shame that your idea for inter league play was so s**.t."

A Milano writes- "You are the greatest! I can’t believe that someone as hot as you likes baseball.All my friends say that you don’t really write your blog but I know that that’s not true! If you ever come to LA perhaps we can get a coffee? Like I said, you are the greatest!"

M Vick writes- "Thanks for those puppies that you sent me.They are so cute. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve changed their names from "Fifi" and "Trixiebell" to "Psycho" and "The Death Machine"

D Sutton writes- there was no message attached to this e-mail.

B Bonds writes- "Russell, thanks for that special cream you gave me a few years ago it really seems to have helped my career.On an unrelated point, do you know of anything that can get my testicles back to their normal size? Thanks."

K Kwame writes- "I am the President of a large Nigerian bank, and for customs purposes I need to transfer $1 Billion to a separate account. You have been recommended by an associate. If you send me your account details I will ensure that you receive 5% of the original sum.This is a genuine offer."

G W Bush writes- "I will shortly leave a very successful high-powered job and I am looking to take over again at the Texas Rangers.My closest advisers tell me that the Angels are a big threat to the Rangers and have suggested that I invade and occupy their stadium.They say that resistance will be minimal and that the locals will quickly accept this new regime run by the Rangers.Do you see any problems with this plan?"

Keep those e-mails coming.Every single one is deleted read with great care.


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