Thank You For The Music

As I’ve said before I have a very Catholic taste in music (I like anything by The Pope) so seeing as today is a bank holiday (public holiday) in the UK and the Notes motorways (freeways) are like car parks (car parks), here is a lazily compiled list of songs that I own that mention baseball;

Catfish-Bob Dylan "Reggie Jackson at the plate,seeing nothing but the curve,swing too early or too late,gotta eat what Catfish serve"

Piazza, New York Catcher- Belle and Sebastian "San Francisco’s calling, the Giants and Mets will play,Piazza, New York catcher, are you straight or are you ***?"

Cubs in Five- The Mountain Goats  "And the Chicago Cubs will beat every team in the league and the Tampa Bay Bucs will make it all the way to January"

Moonshot Manny-The Pernice Brothers  "And the green wall’s rising like a killer in the sun,If he doesn’t judge carom, then he’s knocking in a run"

Brown Eyed Handsome ManChuck Berry "Two, three the count with nobody on, he hit a high fly into the stand,rounding third and heading for home it was that brown eyed handsome man"

Joe DiMaggio’s Done it Again-Billy Bragg and Wilco "Looks like a cyclone sliding in,Joe DiMaggio’s done it again"

Beat on the Brat- The Ramones "Beat on the brat, beat on the brat,beat on the brat with a baseball bat"

Maybe you know some other songs that mention baseball? If so, keep them to yourself,this is my blog and I will not be upstaged!


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