The Winning Post

In 1956 Devon Loch was leading the famous Grand National horse race in England. The horse was a popular favorite as it was owned by The Queen Devon_loch Mother,however 60 yards from the line and with no other horses around it Devon Loch’s legs gave way and he slumped to the ground.The race was lost.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it was the pressure that got to Devon Loch(it was probably cramp) but "to do a Devon Loch" has entered the sporting lexicon in the UK. Jean Van de Velde "did a Devon Loch" in the British Open in 1999,the ’64 Phillies "did a Devon Loch". And whilst the Diamondbacks have never had a clear enough lead to ever be coasting to the NL West title, the nearer the finishing post gets, the larger it will loom in the team’s mind.

Bob Melvin’s job is to stop his young players from thinking more than one day ahead and to just get over the next "fence". I still genuinely think that the D-Backs will fall short, but I am so seriously wrong so often that that is probably a good sign.

In fact, if anyone is going to be Devon Loch this year it will be the Red Sox who held such a big lead in the AL East,and whilst it would be hilarious to see them fail so late on, the price to be paid of seeing the Yankees in the post-season would be too high to fully enjoy it.


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