An Open letter To Bob Melvin

Dear Bob,

In recent games Augie Ojeda and Jeff Cirillo have both pitched a scoreless Letter inning. This means that the Diamondbacks hitters now have the best ERA in the whole of the Major Leagues.This is an indisputable FACT. Yet you still seem reluctant to use hitters in crucial pitching situations.

I have been doing some detailed statistical research and have discovered that,based on recent performances, if the Diamondbacks were to ignore the pitcher’s role completely and simply have 9 hitters who each pitched one inning then we would give up ZERO runs in every game. This would mean that we would be certainties to win the World Series.

I challenge you now to give me one good reason why every hitter should not pitch one scoreless inning. Any other policy makes no sense at all!

(Copies of this letter have been sent to Bud Selig, The Arizona Republic,ESPN, Fox News and The Slough Evening Post).



  1. Kellia

    Considering that pitcher Micah Owings has been used as a pinch-hitter, turnabout should be fair play.


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