MLBlogs:An Apology

A recent entry on this site may have given the impression that I was not entirely happy with the job that the good people at MLBlogs were doing. However, Grusskarte_sorry after lengthy discussions with a team of highly trained MLB counselors I would like to release the following, entirely voluntary, statement.

"I am totally satisfied with the performance of everyone at MLBlogs. I applaud the policy of giving celebrities and professional athletes a much needed forum to air their views and I find their insights fascinating and challenging. I fully accept that all subscribers to the site are given a fair chance to have their blogs read and that there is no favoritism shown towards any parties. I particularly enjoy the work of Diamondbacks commentator Daron Sutton and only wish he would update his blog less often. I find the views of any official representative of any Major League club to be both witty and erudite.I would like to request more of this type of blog.In conclusion I would like to thank, in particular, MLB counselor Frankie "knuckles" Malone who not only helped in the drafting of this voluntary statement but has also introduced me to an innovative "insurance" policy which he tells me will prevent any further arson attacks against my property."

For any regular readers who are worried that this blog will become some tame mouthpiece for MLB, let me put your fears to rest with just a selection of the controversial topics I intend to cover over the coming weeks;

Bud Selig- Genius,or Saint?

Alyssa Milano- Should she win the Nobel prize for Peace,or Literature?

Critics of MLB- Should they be shot,or electrocuted?

MLBlogs subscriptions-Should they go up a lot,or more than a lot?

Peace,love,and baseball.


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