Виток Начинает Здесь

""Phil Rizzuto, a Hall of Famer on the field and a giant in the broadcast booth, just died and for the past two days the first page of the blog site has focused on a mid-level staff mouthpiece for the collapsing Chicago White Sox, and now "Talkin’ Baseball With Alyssa Milano" who, I’m convinced, doesn’t even write her blog let alone read it. Maybe someone should get their priorities straight."

So wrote the always excellent Prince of New York in a recent blog entry, and whilst I am appalled at the slur against Ms Milano’s journalistic integrity he makes a good point about the site in general.

Leninpravda The tag-line for MLBlogs is "Official Affiliate/Unofficial Opinions" and whilst I’m sure that the Milano’s, Reynolds, and various representatives of MLB Front Offices pay their monthly subs the same as we all do (or maybe they splash out for the whole year) there does appear to be a slight bias towards their output over the more individual blogs that are out there (I say "slight bias" but what I mean is an incredibly heavy bias).

Currently occupying the favored headlining spot on the site is a blog about preparation for the Chinese Olympics which is essentially an advertising tool to publicize "USA Baseball", and whilst I have no problem with "USA Baseball" being promoted surely this should be done on the main MLB site rather than here.

In short, MLBlogs is in danger of having all the unofficial opinions of Soviet Era "Pravda", so here are just a few suggestions that I expect to be put into place by the end of the day;

1) A space on the front page of MLBlogs with links to a particular clubs blogs-so that on day one all the Diamondbacks links would be followed by day two with all the Braves links etc.it might nudge people to check out other teams blogs.

2) A "Blog Entry of the Day". MLBlogs could nominate the best blog entry of the previous day with a link to it (preferably Alyssa will not always win this).

3) Individual club sites should have links to their own "unofficial blogs" (the Diamondbacks Daron Sutton has a link to his blog on the team site and he posts an entry about as often David Wells hits an inside the park home run).

4) Don’t be afraid to publicize blogs that criticize MLB, Managers,Bud Selig,etc. Everybody knows that controversy and debate is the lifeblood of any sporting culture, this should be encouraged and allowed to thrive not hidden beneath the undergrowth of officially endorsed proclamations.

5) A one off payment of $10million to be paid to anybody with the word "Slough" in the title of their blog.

Once my five point plan is implemented all will be well in the turbulent world that we call "blogosphere".



  1. Kelly

    Every time I read your blog, I thank the heavens that I did not inherit my mother’s weak bladder (my sister did, and we can therefore only discuss topics of tension when the three of us are in public).

    I was going to ask you last week if you noticed that our blogs are ushered into obscurity whenever we cast anything MLB in a less than positive light… I see that sad reality hasn’t escaped you.


  2. Russell

    Kelly- thanks (I’m assuming that the bladder reference is a compliment in your culture). With regard to the power of MLB;I’m expecting to be woken in the night and transported to an Abu Ghraib style facility where female GIs will point at my genitals.

  3. Kellia

    Your point No. 3 is especially well-taken. I had heard, more than once, that our blogs were linked to our team sites, but Sutton’s is the only one so linked to the D’backs’ site.
    Click on the “Post a D’Backs blog” link and you are only taken to the MLBlogs main page, no doubt confusing for at least some people who were probably expecting to be taken to another part of the D’Backs’ site.

    Last year, they featured MLB.com D’Backs beat reporter Steve Gilbert, who, like Sutton, has many other professional duties that had him abandoning his blog by early August.

    Meanwhile, people like me and Diamondhacks were (and still are) plugging along in obscurity.

    Of course, any suggestion that people who might be critical of MLB or a team’s F.O. are shunted aside in favor of celebrities and folks paid by the teams or MLB.com reeks of anti-capitalist conspiracy theory. Your use of Russian script and a picture of PRAVDA makes that point for those who would accuse us of such.


    Life,Baseball & Eric Byrnes


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